Running a Business as a Generator: Amanda Carneiro, Celebrity Nutritionist and Trainer


There are a million ways to live in purpose, on purpose.

And there’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to doing your thing — especially when it comes to running your own business. In fact, the methodology behind Human Design points directly to the idea that there are five different types that work synergistically to make the world spin ‘round.

We’re featuring five different entrepreneurs, creatives, and business owners to learn more about how they utilize (or don’t!) their Human Design strategies in their day-to-day work. Keep scrolling to meet our second entrepreneur, celebrity nutritionist Amanda Carneiro. Meet our last entrepreneur, Manifestor Amanda Chase, here.

Hey, what’s up, hello

Tell us about yourself.

I’m Amanda Carneiro of Raw Fitness and Nutrition.

Where do you live? 

I live in East Hollywood in Los Angeles, CA.

What's your title on your email signature? 

Holistic Nutritionist + Personal Trainer

Yeah, but what do your parents think you do?

I just text my mom and asked her. She said “You work as a personal trainer and a nutritionist to assist individuals to reach their maximum healthy best.” She’s pretty spot on

How do you describe your work?

I help women lose fat effortlessly, while improving their gut health, so they can feel more confident in their bodies and in their lives.

Let’s Get to the Good Stuff: Your Human Design

Screen Shot 2019-09-05 at 3.21.02 PM.png

Type: Generator

Inner Authority: Emotional

Profile: 3/5

When did you first find out about your Human Design type? How did it make you feel at first?

I’m pretty sure I first found out about Human Design through the Holisticism newsletter. I thought for sure I would be a Manifestor, since I’ve always had the ability to create what I wanted in my life, but reading about Generators, it actually seems much more fitting.

I can create what I want in my life, but it’s usually initiated by the ideas or people that come into my life, rather than me seeking them out. I was mostly already living by my design, by intuition, however I did feel (and sometimes still do) that I wasn’t always “waiting to respond.”

How do you feel about it now?

I am still learning about Generators and my specific human design, but it has been really empowering and freeing to know that I don’t have to push or work so hard to create the life I want. I love knowing that when I am supposed to do something or move in a specific direction, I will feel it and I will know.

What's your favorite part of being a Manifestor?

That all I have to do is wait to respond! It’s so freeing!

Least favorite?

Not being able to initiate. I’m naturally a go-getter, so I find myself sitting on my hands, a bit, but I have found it always works out better when I give it a minute. : )

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Your Type and Your Work — Finding a Balance

How many hours a week do you work?

Basically I work from 5:30am until 8-9pm almost every day, only taking breaks to work out and eat, and sometimes nap. Classic generator, I guess.

What’s your work schedule look like?

I see personal training clients in person from 5:30am until about 1:30pm 3 days a week, and I see my nutrition coaching clients virtually 2 days a week from about 2pm-8pm. On the mornings or evenings I have “off,” I am emailing with clients, creating content, engaging on Instagram, researching, and currently working on creating a new e-book and self-guided online program! I also take time to work out every day and take nice long walks, where I multitask by taking phone calls and responding to text messages and DMs

What's easiest for you when it comes to your work or role?

Working with clients. When a client is really ready to make a change, it can be so fulfilling and energizing for me to see them change not only their health, but their entire life.

What's the hardest part of your work?

Working with clients. It can be frustrating when clients don’t make changes, either because they aren’t ready or because we still have resistance and blocks to move through.

How does knowing your type help you with work? Do you do things differently (plan your schedule, hire certain employees of other types, etc.)

In terms of marketing and growing my business, I used to take action based on what I thought I should be doing or what others were doing, but now I do my best at only taking on projects or direction that light me up and excite me. Instead of thinking “what should I do next?” I wait to feel excited by something I see or hear about — then I take action of that.

I’ve also learned that the right clients will find and reach out to me if I just continue to share my story and what resonates most with me, instead of seeking them out. This strategy also tends to align me with my ideal client and leaves me feeling more fulfilled, in the long run. Since the majority of my work is working with clients 1-on-1, I try to only take on clients that I am excited to work with. It’s scary to turn down clients, but I’ve learned that working with clients who aren’t a good fit leaves me feeling exhausted and depleted.

What's something that you're still working on when it comes to understanding yourself and how to work with your natural areas of genius or areas of opportunity?

I am just now learning about the open and defined centers of my design. I have a lot of centers that are defined, which makes sense to me, but my throat and heart centers are open. I’m working on constantly asking myself “Am I trying to attract attention” and “Do I think I have something to prove?” before I move forward on decisions or action. It’s been a great way to look a bit deeper and gain some perspective and more self-awareness.

What advice would you give to other Generators as they explore their purpose in life and in their careers?

I think it’s easy as a Generator to wait for career opportunities to come to us, but I also think we have to be out there in the world, talking to friends and business associates and meeting new people to be allow those opportunities and ideas to show themselves. I think it can be hard for us to slow down and take a moment to really ask ourselves what will light us up, since we’re always going and going, but I have found this to be more important than anything. We can easily burn ourselves out if we don’t stop every once in a while and take inventory of where we are in life and where we’re going.

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