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8 Mystical and Practical Processes That Drive More Traffic To Your Site: Part 2

Last week, we touched on the first four steps to figuring out what you want to make — so you have SOMETHING to drive viewers to! This week we’re going to dig into the more mystical and alternative aspects of getting more traffic to your site, as well as *very practical* ways to grow your audience. 

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Want To Get More Eyes on Your Content, Product, or Service? Here are 8 Steps You Can Take to Start Right Now: Part 1

More eyes on your content = more people who get what you do and what you’re about. And that, my friend, is important. Because what you have to offer is valuable. So let’s get your work in front of more people! In this article, I’ll give you the first four steps — practical and mystical — to boosting your traffic and getting more eyes on what you do. Next week, I’ll bring you part two.

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