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Running a Business as a Projector: Tiffany Chao, of Tiffany April Co.

Tiffany Chao is a powerhouse marketer — which might surprise you, since she’s a Projector with that blasted “wait-for-an-invitation” directive. But I’d argue her Projector nature is part of why Tiffany is so good at what she does. Projectors see trends and patterns naturally — an important trait for anyone creating cutting-edge marketing and or creating the next new ‘It’ brand.

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8 Mystical and Practical Processes That Drive More Traffic To Your Site: Part 2

Last week, we touched on the first four steps to figuring out what you want to make — so you have SOMETHING to drive viewers to! This week we’re going to dig into the more mystical and alternative aspects of getting more traffic to your site, as well as *very practical* ways to grow your audience. 

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