How The Simple But Profound Practice of Breathwork Can Unlock the Supernatural


We are in an incredible time of exposure, which gives us unlimited information and access to just about everybody’s story, and their teachings and their sharing around what has worked for them to create a happier, healthier, more productive life.  This can be inspiring AND this can be overwhelming.

It can also be paradoxical, as the trend is shifting towards tapping into and trusting your own inner guidance and intuition, because at the end of the day, you are your greatest teacher and you know what is best for you. This shift can be very freeing, because not only can all that information be overwhelming, it can also be conflicting.

It’s conflicting because we are all so uniquely different and there will never be an algorithm for our healing or our happiness.  Algorithms work for machines and we are definitely not machines! We are humans with a beating and complex heart, and a brilliant also complex mind, and a body that holds technology so advanced, our human minds can’t yet comprehend all that it is capable of.  Nature doesn’t make mistakes, so that “junk” DNA is definitely not junk. In fact, I’d venture to say, the parts of our DNA we are yet to understand, are the parts that make this human suit really freaking cool.

It’s exciting that elements such as a human’s clair senses are being acknowledged, and that more and more people are diving deeper into an awareness and study of the technology of the body.  It also doesn’t feel like a coincidence that sci-fi and fantasy movies and shows are only growing in popularity.

I believe it’s because inside of so many of us there is this knowing that as human beings, we are capable of so much more.

This knowing is part of the voice within you that also knows what is best for you.  It’s the part of you with the built-in bullshit detector telling you, yes, this modality is great for me, yes this teacher is awesome, or hell no, that teacher or practice or food, is definitely not for me.

The key is to trust yourself.  And to trust yourself you need to know yourself.  

Know your essence, your body, your mind and know how they communicate with you.

This takes practice and this takes commitment. It’s not for the faint of heart.

Because what you see isn’t always pretty.  And the changes your higher self may be calling for you to make, may not be easy.  Letting go of the illusions and limits that hold you back from the clarity of your truth, can also be messy and raw and uncomfortable.  

I often say, purification is a bitch. But it’s worth it. If you crave true power, if you crave being a part of creating a world you love, you have to know yourself in and out.

It really does start with you.  And, while not always easy, on the journey of self-discovery you may be surprised to discover just how cool you actually are!

Breathwork has always been my go-to for getting clear and getting to know my unique essence. The extra oxygen pulled into the body through this technique, works with the endocrine system to nourish the rebalancing and well-being of the body, reminding you not only how good it feels to be in you body, but also that your body is on your side. The active nature of this breathing pattern gives the mind a much needed break, and by soothing the nervous system, this practice allows you to experience the essence of your spirit running through your nervous system.  When this happens the journey of getting to know yourself becomes even more exciting.

I invite you to join me in this workshop where we will speak more about the specifics of breathwork and how it can support you in your life and self-discovery. I so look forward to sharing this work with you!

Contributed by Eliza Kane 〰️ @elizarosekane